Minot - The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears b​/​w The Means Relativize The Ends 7"
February 5th, 2013 / The Mylene Sheath

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On the back of a recently released album The Era of Institutional Failure (which is well worth the listen), Minot, hailing from Oakland and coming together from various other bands set about in making moody and groove-filled musical ventures together. The result was solid and was possibly one of the most under the radar albums of 2012. Few months have passed and Minot now releases a two track, 12 minute long 7” to continue in the whetting of our appetites.


The two tracks, unabashedly named “The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears” and “The Means Relativize the Ends” will jump down into your ears and just as you find yourself thinking ‘hey, this is really good’, will have ended. Good timing and pacing perhaps as it begs for an immediate replay to allow for more acute listening.


“The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears” begins with captivating guitar melodies and drum rim shots before hitting a constant drum roll. It’s a build-up that gears the rest of the song into a place that allows it to simply lift off with aplomb.  The riffs are gritty, the bass weaves seamlessly about the rhythmic drum rolls and the production is simply excellent as you can easily imagine the band playing right in front of you. The track is full of groove and I couldn’t help but think that fans of Russian Circles should dig this. The track ends on progressive riffs and staunch bass lines, a true head banger.


“The Means Relativize the Ends” is no different. Whilst the build-up is longer and more subtle, your head bang quickly turns into sideways motions grooving to the rhythms. The song itself is beautiful as above the grit and punch of the riffs and drums you have a cello playing haunting melodies in the background. Breakdowns in the song cut up the motion of the song, allowing the song to show a different face. When the whole deal comes together the song is a joy to listen to.


The biggest drawback here is that it finished far too quickly. Every time I listen to it I find that I simply lose myself in the music and get rudely awakened when I least want it. If you want to get excited about instrumental music, listen to this. If you want to know what more can come from a very promising band, listen to this and whet your appetite for more in the future. 

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